Artist SPOTLIGHT: Mila Apperlo sees light from a unique perspective

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

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An accomplished artist, Mila Apperlo has been exhibiting and winning awards and accumulating collectors for her abstract paintings here and abroad.

In Florida she fell in love with the light. A morning trip to a foggy Miami was her inspira­tion for one painting. She began a painting that same afternoon at home trying the capture the image in her mind of the fog and her emotion at the time. It’s a process she does quickly and from her heart. It’s a very different process from stained glass; however, many of her paintings capture light with a stained glass quality.

Her paintings are joyful, not melancholy, of landscapes remembered using a palette of predominantly blue, yellow and gold acrylics. She finds inspiration for her abstract style in the works of Joan Mitchell, the American abstract expressionist painter and Picasso and Modigliani.

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